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Comfort SMS provides an easy way to create and send complex SMS text based on templates with wildcards. The following functions are available:
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Any template can be created. They may also contain multiple wildcards. For every template a recipient or a group of recipients can be predefined. The templates are sorted according to the receiver. Each template has a title, which does not have to occur in the SMS-Text.

Predefined templates for some situations.
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In the text placeholders can be used for place, time, date, time difference and persons. Before sending the SMS this wildcard(s) will be replaced with texts stored for places or persons or with time and date. Also a free text input is possible as replacement. If a template contains several placeholders, however, not all entries are required, then the replacement of further placeholders can be broken off and the SMS be sent.
From version 1.1 also placeholder for first name, last name and name are available. These allow personalized SMS groups.
Group SMS:
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You can define groups of recipients. These can be assigned to each template.
New in version 1.1:
The templates can also contain placeholders for first name, last name or name. If one of these placeholders is used, a personalized SMS is sent to every group member and not as usual one SMS to all recipients.
Texts for places and persons:
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The names of frequently used places and persons can be stored. When calling a template with the appropriate placeholder, a selection with the previously stored locations or persons will be offered.
In the video, the main features are explained. Start the video with the playbutton.