Magic Remote the media center solution for Mac und iPhone

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Attention: Magic Remote Server (Pro) will only be continued as a private project.
If you are interested, please contact the developer.

Some features at glance
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What are Magic Remote Control and Magic Remote Server?
Actually Magic Remote Control and Magic Control Server used only as a remote control for the programs iTunes, DVD Player, VLC Player, EyeTV, and yet it is much more. Magic Remote Control and Magic Remote Server metamorphosed a Mac to an easy-to-use media center. The development goal was to be able to control the main functions of the different programs on a user-friendly app and to make thereby separate CD and DVD player in the living room unnecessary.
The restriction to the essential functions allows a clear user interface.

An example:
You want to listen radio. For this purpose simply turn on the Mac only. Regardless of the state of the Mac at last switch-off, EyeTV plays the last radio channel on the correct audio interface. Then you want to hear a song from the iTunes library. Nothing easier than that. You need to select the title in Magic Remote Control only. Magic Remote Server mutes EyeTV and starts playing the title on iTunes. If the audio file contains also lyrics, you can read it on the iPhone and sing along. Next, you insert a DVD. Magic Remote Server stops playing from iTunes and starts playing the DVD on the DVD player. If necessary the sound output is automatically switched from the digital output (speaker) to HDMI (TV). In addition to the iPhone automatically switches from the iTunes playlist to the DVD user interface. Should the DVD playback interrupted for the news on TV, you have only to select the TV station on Magic Remote Control. The DVD playback is stopped automatically and the television picture is brought into the foreground. If the news to an end, DVD playback will continue by selecting media player on Magic Remote Control.
This small example shows only a fraction of the possibilities.

Magic Remote Control runs on an iPod or iPhone with iOS 4 or newer and communicates with Magic Remote Server via WiFi. Magic Remote Server requires a Mac with OS X with 10.7 or newer. A Windows version is definitely not planned.

New in version 1.2
- iTunes 11 support
- Muting with twofinger-tip.
- Sleepmode

Pro Version only
- Plays unproteced Blu ray with VLC (Beta)
- Playthrough mode

With the Playthrough mode and a preamplifier with digital output, an old record player can be integrated into the Media Center.

New in version 1.3
- Coverflow on iPod / iPhone

New in version 1.4
- Slideshow from memory card and hard disk
What are Magic Remote Control and Magic Remote Server not?
Magic Remote Server supports no media content from the Internet. To keep the user interface simple, Magic Remote Server supports not all features of the used programs. Magic Remote Control and Magic Remote Server should not be an adequate substitute for apps such as EyeTV on your iPhone.
Why is the development only continued as a private project?
This program originated from my personal needs and is therefore also being developed further. But controlling via Apple- or GUI- scripting has its pitfalls. Another is the variety of possible versions of the programs to be controlled. This makes a reasonable test and support extremely complex.
What's next:
The program will be developed further for my needs. But I will not participate in all program updates anymore. The software version of my media center is essentially frozen. For the client there will be a last update in the App-Store at the beginning of 2018. There will also be a last public version for the server.

Can I still purchase Magic Remote Control (Pro)?
If you are interested, please contact me directly.
- Mac with at least OS X 10.10
- EyeTV (needed for radio and TV)
- iPhone or iPod needed for Magic Remote Control
- WiFi network for communication between Magic Remote Server and Magic Remote Control

OSX 10.10.x
DVD Player
VLC Player

Optional for the Pro version
Pure Music

* supported versions