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Functions at a glance

Some actions typical of a Media Center are listed in the table below. Here, the difference between a manual operation and the use of Magic Remote becomes clear. All entries are made in Magic Remote Control on the iPhone. Keyboard and mouse are not needed for operation.
Without Magic Remote
With Magic Remote
Listen to radio
- Switch-on the Mac
- launch EyeTV
- select radio station
- as needed switch audio device
- as needed change volume
- Switch-on the Mac
(regardless of the last state of EyeTV the last radio station is played)
View DVD
- stop EyeTV (radio is still running)
- insert DVD
- as needed switch audio device
- as needed change volume
- insert DVD
Watch TV
- stop DVD playback
- launch EyeTV
- select TV station
- select TV station on Magic Remote Control
TV sound via loudspeaker
- open system preference sound
- select Output tab
- select an output device
- close system preference
- tab the loudspeaker symbol
- tab loudspeaker
Watch a DVD from harddisk
- quit EyeTV
- switch output device to TV (see above)
- launch DVD Player
- open Video TS folder on harddisk
- select movie from list.
listen to iTunes playlist
- quit DVD Player
- switch output device to loudspeaker (see above)
- launch iTunes
- select title from playlist
- select title from playlist
eject DVD and shut down Mac
- eject DVD with Finder
- select shut down in the Mac menu
- tab shut down on Magic Remote Control